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BMS started with one National Health Service Corps Doctor and today we are the second largest employer in Brownsville.


Why Choose BMS?

BMS has grown to ten service sites throughout Brownsville and East New York, employing more than 250 professional and support staff, many of them community residents. As the second largest non-government employer in Brownsville, our staff serves 18,000 patients annually. We offer competitive wages and benefits including 401(k) and Performance Incentive payments. BMS has many opportunities to join our team. Please see the listings below to find your ideal practice opportunity.


Our commitment to serving the community has never wavered and many of our staff have called BMS "home" for decades. This is the spirit of service and passion that creates the family atmosphere that is our culture. 

We offer competitive wages and benefits including 401(k) and Performance Incentive payments.

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? We're actively seeking passionate individuals to join our BMS team. Explore opportunities with us and be a part of a rewarding journey!

We Make a Difference

Hear from our Lead PediatricianClaude Offord, MD

Scholarships and Loans

Working with BMS, you may be eligible for loan repayment benefits offered by HRSA.

BMS Customer Satisfaction Ratings

The Community Values Our Hard Work


BMS strives for excellence and our team works every day to deliver the best quality services to those that are most in need. Our culturally competent team embodies BMS organizational values delivering quality care with empathy and respect.


In the last five years (2028-2022) our satisfaction survey yielded that around 60% of our patients consider BMS services as “Excellent” (see graphics below).

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What Our Patients Say


Room to Grow

“If I have questions, I can speak to them, and they are very helpful. As soon as I come in, I feel seen and taken care of right away. I would rate them number one, they are an excellent, top rated clinic.”

                -BMS Patient

“The staff is really hands-on and they seem to know what they're saying. The nurses and the staff are very courteous. All of the various staff were very direct, supportive, and identified issues that I was going through. I would really recommend BMS.”

                -BMS Patient

What Did They Like?

In 2022, our annual patient satisfaction survey showed:

92.4%     are satisfied with providers' explanations

92.2%     felt heard by BMS staff

91%        are satisfied with BMS's quality of care

89.8%     are satisfied with staff's assistance, courtesy,                     and helpfulness

87.5%      are "very likely” to use BMS services again

81.1%       are satisfied with appointment wait times

75%        liked Telehealth connection easiness 

73%        are "very likely” to recommend BMS to others


“The community we serve faces a lot of challenges and here I have the opportunity to help make a difference in their lives.  As healthcare professionals, we need to be open to feedback and different opinions to bring the best impact”.

Herve Apollon, He/Him


Practice Manager BMS@Bristol Specialty Location Services

A.K.A. The Globetrotter

Part of the BMS family since 2019

What Our Staff Have to Say

Darnell Smith, He/Him


LPN BMS@Bristol 

A.K.A. The Joke Cracker

Part of the BMS family since 2017


Learn more about us and find opportunities on LinkedIn 


I didn’t choose healthcare, healthcare chose me.​

“A value that I bring to BMS is openness to work with people of multiple disciplines and backgrounds. I'm eager to bring a holistic approach to our mental health services, looking at patients and our staff through a different dimension, and commit to our community, even after work hours”.

Dennis Rozario, He/Him


Behavioral Healthcare Manager BMS Main

A.K.A. The Nature Lover

Part of the BMS family since 2023

“In the next five years I see myself continuing to grow my talents and expanding my knowledge at BMS. What is unique here is the talented, diverse, and warm people on our team. My colleagues have given me guidance to be better at my job”.


Rosemary Polanco, She/Her

Dominican Republic/ Brooklyn

Practice Manager

BMS Urgent Care

A.K.A. The Party Planner

Part of the BMS family since 2012

I did an internship at the BMS School-Based Program, which motivated me to do my undergrad in Public Affairs, later working for BMS. Now I am pursuing my master in Public Health so I can continue growing in the organization. I love what I do and love BMS”

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