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At BMS our clinicians and professionals discuss, internally and with external providers, and agree on the
best treatment for our patients, making sure every procedure or drug prescription is the best to be used.

Your primary care provider will help you to create a pathway to better healthcare services. 

Prenatal & Early Child Wellcare  

BMS supports families creating a tailored plan to achieve total wellness by combining healthcare and social services.  

The program focuses on: 

  • Identifying new mothers/parents and babies in need and barriers for healthcare or services access 

  • Screening and referrals for the mother/parents and the baby to BMS, partner, and government services  

  • Providing an individualized health plan, including nutrition and food access support, counseling and substance abuse, home care, housing assistance and more. 

  • Supporting new mothers/parents, babies, and families with education materials, workshops, and community events in partnership with local stakeholders. 

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Health Coaching 

Understanding and following healthcare plans can be confusing for some. BMS personal health cheerleaders guide people with chronic conditions to help them keep track of their health plans, such as medication intake and management of conditions (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, HIV), nutrition and exercise plan, addiction, and adjusting to a life-altering health event, like a heart attack. 

Prescription Management 

BMS carefully studies and designs prescription plans for patients managing multiple health conditions. Our care team experts and specialists coordinate internally and with external providers, to create and update prescriptions plans that meet the needs of patients, avoiding harmful medication mixing. 


Talk to your BMS provider to request more information. 


BMS Health Homes 

At BMS we understand dealing with multiple mental and physical conditions is complicated, costly, and confusing.  Health Home program makes sure its members get the care and services needed.  This may mean fewer trips to the emergency room or less time spent in the hospital.  It could mean getting regular care and services from primary care providers or finding a safe place to live, and a way to get to medical appointments.  


Who is Eligible? 

The Health Homes eligibility includes people with: 

  • Two or more chronic illnesses 

  • One chronic condition and at risk for a second 

  • One serious and persistent mental health condition 


If you are a Medicaid recipient or believe you may qualify for Medicaid, think about the following questions: 

  • Do you have chronic or mental health conditions for which you need regular consultation with your primary care provider? 

  • Do you have a primary care provider you can see when you need to? 

  • How many times have you been in the emergency room or hospital in the past six months? Twelve months? 

  • Do you have a safe place to live? 

  • Do you have someone in your life to help you whenever you need help? 

  • Do you have difficulty keeping medical appointments?  

Referral Coordination

The BMS care team will carefully help patients and families identify solutions to the most pressing needs that directly impact their health and quality of life. We support patients to find specialists and social services within BMS and community partners and apply for government assistance when needed. 

The BMS team refers patients to services such as: 

  • Referrals to multiple BMS primary care providers, specialists, support programs such as health coaches, food assistance, mental health, and addiction services. 

  • Referrals to local services providers and government programs in the area 

  • Information about community partners that specialize in connecting job seekers with local employers  

  • Referrals to patients' assistance service within BMS to help them navigate the healthcare system 

  • Follow up with patients to make sure they are receiving quality services. 


Affordable Prescription Drugs


BMS is part of the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program allowing low-income and uninsured patients to buy prescription drugs at a lower price. BMS patients can buy affordable prescription drugs at our on-site pharmacy located at Main Rockaway Avenue.  


We partner with multiple local organizations to assist with referrals for much-needed services, such as housing, education,
and other factors that impact your well-being.

Client Relations

Navigating medical and community services can be confusing, especially for those with multiple needs and chronic diseases. BMS Client Relations is a dedicated office that helps new and current patients navigate appointments and facilitates referrals, provides guidance to access social and community benefits, hand out educative information, and problem-solving support. 

BMS Client Relations office also receives patients' feedback to improve our services and ensure our community receives satisfactory care. 


Language Assistance 

BMS ensures that people with limited or no English skills have equal access to BMS services, information, benefits, and programs.  We provide language translation, assistance to people with visual disabilities, and sign language support. 


We offer language and translation assistance. Request this service when making an appointment. 

Telehealth Assistance 

Technology can be confusing.  BMS supports you with that! Our Telehealth Navigators will help you to set up your device and walk you through the process to connect to our systems, making sure you don’t miss your Telehealth Appointment. Ask for assistance when you book your telehealth appointment. 

Click here to access our Telehealth services. 

Affordable Housing Application Assistance  

Access to stable and dignified housing is critical to improving the health and well-being of the community we serve. At BMS we help our clients with referrals and applications to NYC Housing Connect, a government program that helps low-income families to access affordable housing.  

BMS supports with guidance, translation and submission of required documentation. Ask our BMSs team about this service. 


Insurance Assistance 

BMS assists all patients, and their families navigate the insurance system, by informing and guiding patients in the process of accessing insurance benefits, billing, approvals, providing translations and support with paperwork. 


BMS has two certified insurance enrollers on staff who help patients register in health insurance plans (Medicaid, Essential Plan or private insurance), renew coverage or change plans. 


We help every individual finding government and charity benefits to ensure no patients are denied services due to insurance or immigration status or inability to pay. 

Call 718-345-5000 to request this service. 

Sliding Scale Payments 

Sliding scale fees are fees for BMS services that are adjusted depending on family size and income: the lower your income, the less you will pay. At BMS no patients are denied services due to insurance or immigration status or inability to pay.

Click to see the scale.

Click for medical, wellness, activities, food access, workforce and other resources. 

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