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Sexual Risk Avoidance Education



BMS' health education program serves the youth of Central Brooklyn to become empowered young people who make well informed decisions on their journey to adulthood. 

SRAE is the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program offered at BMS. We empower the youth we serve (aged 10-13) by making them aware of the dangers associated with engaging in a life free of ABSTINENCE. Abstinence is defined as “the fact or practice of restraining ones self from sex, drugs, or alcohol. Rather we stress the importance of goal setting, positive decision-making skills, and negotiation when faced with difficult decisions. We encourage adolescents to postpone sexual activity, drinking, and the use of illicit drugs, and focus on all the great things they want to achieve in life.


The Making A Difference! curriculum has three major components. The first component focuses on goals and dreams and adolescent sexuality. The second component focuses on knowledge, including information about the etiology, transmission, and prevention of HIV, STDs, and teenage pregnancy. It also covers beliefs and attitudes about abstinence, HIV, STD, and pregnancy. The third component focuses on skills and self-efficacy. It covers negotiation and refusal skills, and provides time for practice, reinforcement, and support.


  1. Getting to Know You and Making Your Dreams Come True Session

  2. Puberty and Adolescent Sexuality Session

  3. Making Abstinence Work for Me Session

  4. The Consequences of Sex: HIV Infection Session

  5. The Consequences of Sex: STD Infection Session

  6. The Consequences of Sex: Pregnancy Session

  7. Responding to Peer and Partner Pressure Session

  8. Role Plays: Refusal and Negotiation Skills

“Trauma informed care is as much about social justice as it is about healing.”


Our vision is to bridge the gap in our communities by way of the Making A Difference curriculum! We want to empower young adolescents to be able to identify the dangers of becoming infected with HIV and other STDs, as well as the risks of early unplanned pregnancy.

“Making A Difference, One scholar at a time!”



  • Making well-informed decisions:

  • Role Playing (negotiation skill development)

  • Short videos

  • Goal Setting

  • Puberty/Hygiene Lessons

  • Parent/Community Events, Give-backs, and workshops


Self-Care/Goal Development

Broadening the horizon of the youth by

  • Hands-On Projects

  • Group Meetings/Activities

  • Beauty and Wellness Workshops



The basics for making Healthy and affordable meals at home: 

  • Group cooking lessons with a chef 

  • Healthy meal cookbook 

  • Produce bags/ hot meals

Email us at:

Shanae Davis, Program Manager  

Deneisha Stafford, Health Coordinator.

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