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When you combine healthcare with education, wellness and community services you not only serve the whole person, but ultimately achieve the greater good. BMS offers:


  • Wellness programs  

  • Health and disease management education  

  • Nutrition plans and food access 

  • Exercise programs  

  • Community uplift activities  

  • Workforce development 

BMS Wellness Support (Screening & Navigation)

Our Centers host BMS programs offering support, knowledge, and pathways to achieve total wellness and success. Those include health education, youth education, economic opportunity, career guidance (especially within the health care industry), workforce assistance and aid to relieve the chronic stress and violence of racism, negative environmental conditions such as highly condensed public housing, and disproportionately limited resources relative to city-wide data. 


Health Education

All BMS patients receive information, guidance, resources, and encouragement to make healthy choices, avoid unhealthy behaviors and manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension. In addition, one-on-one counseling and support is provided to patients by our primary care providers, dietician, nurses, medical assistants, health coaches, and educators. BMS also supports community members through materials, health fairs, street canvassing, and wellness activities. 

BMS Health Homes

BMS@Dumont Wellness Studio

BMS offers exercise and hands-on nutrition classes and supports residents in Brownsville and surrounding areas. We provide a flexible space and demonstration kitchen with activities for everyone from toddlers to older adults:

  • Low-impact movements like Tai Chi

  • High-intensity Boot Camps

  • Pilates and Yoga

  • Strength training with suspension equipment

  • Fun individual and family cooking classes 

  • Healthy food access

  • Wellness learning sessions

  • Pop-ups with trainers, chefs, and more.

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Art as Healing

BMS incorporated Art as Healing as part of our community outreach approach with the “Paint How You Feel  Activity” offering opportunities for our community members to have an open conversation about their health.  We integrate music and movement  therapy and collaborate with local artists for art making and partner with art therapy programs. 

BMS Health Homes

At BMS we understand dealing with multiple mental and physical conditions is complicated, costly, and confusing. “A Health Home” is not a place. It is a group of health care and service providers working together to make sure you get the care and services you need to stay healthy.

Once enrolled in a Health Home, you will have your own Care manager (CM). The CM will work with you to set up a care plan and appointments and get the services you need to put you on the road to better health. Some of the services may be:


  1. Health care providers

  2. Mental health & substance abuse providers,

  3. Medications

  4. Housing

  5. Social Services (such as food, benefits, and locating transportation)

  6. Other community programs that will support & assist you.


Is a Health Home Right for You?

If you’re a Medicaid recipient or believe you may qualify for Medicaid, think about the following questions:


  1. Do you have chronic or mental health conditions for which you need regular doctor care?

  2. Do you have a doctor you can see when you need to?

  3. How many times have you been in the emergency room or hospital in the past six-twelve months?

  4. Do you have a safe place to live?

  5. Do you have someone in your life to help you whenever you need help?

  6. Do you have difficulty keeping medical appointments?

How Do I Enroll in the Health Home Care Management Program?

You can talk to your current service provider or you can contact a Health Home at any time to find out if you’re eligible to enroll. You may also be referred to a Health Home by Medicaid, based on care & service you have already received. Or you can be referred by your Managed Care plan, doctor, specialist, hospital emergency room or discharge planner, or Social Service District.

For More Information:

Call the BMS-QM Health Home Care Management Program at 718-345-6366, or 929-590-4515. Program Director, Marcia Cole Saunders Ext. 6658

Walk in to the office at 408 Rockaway Avenue 3rd Floor.


Books 4All

BMS Community Reading Programs
BMS has partnered with Reach Out and Read for over 20 years with pediatricians giving books to parents and using them as a developmental assessment tool.

As part of Reach Out and Read our BMS Health Educator conducts read-aloud and read-along with children and families in the waiting areas. The BMS Health Educator asks questions to make the reading experience interactive - actively encouraging patients to participate. The program also gives the opportunity to children to read aloud in the waiting area, and the parents also take turns supporting the interactive reading program. While reading with the families, we also elicit information about social and wellness support and access to needed healthcare services.

Sesame Street 

Since 2017, BMS has partnered with Sesame Streets in Community, a program that provides free information and educational resources on math, literacy, emotional coping skills, nutrition tips, as well as serious issues such as parents' divorce, food insecurity, bullying, incarceration autism, and much more. 

This program is designed for children 0 to 6 years old using the Sesame Street bilingual (English and Spanish) education website, and the dedicated page with resources for children with autism. At BMS sites, we also distribute tons of books, t-shirt incentives, and much more.

Watch this video to learn more

Click here to find activities happening in your area and additional resources


COVID-19 Care 

On an ongoing basis, our team selects strategic points to bring COVID-19 pop-ups. BMS coordinates with local churches, community centers, and local fairs across Central Brooklyn, to reach communities and give them education, guidance, and information about COVID-19 testing and free vaccines.






Residential Services for Addiction Recovery (BCRC) 

BMS’ Brownsville Community Resident Center (BCRC) provides individualized, supportive, and compassionate care to those who are suffering from addiction. BMS partners with Kings Boro Addiction Treatment Center, Interfaith Medical Center, and ACI Chemical Dependency Treatment Center which provide referrals to our services.

Any person ages 21-65 who desires to be free of alcohol or other substances is eligible for admission to the program. Our team believes in treating underlying problems to help them heal spiritually, mentally, and physically from their addictions, including mental and physical health, housing, and employment.  We strive to instill the tools needed to achieve and sustain a life free of alcohol and other substances. 

Access to this program is through referral only. 

Books for all

BMS' Prenatal & Early Childhood Wellcare

Our Prenatal and Early Childhood Wellcare program offers health services as well as health education, access to public services and  coordination, and encourages family involvement to ensure that you and your children receive the appropriate services and support you may need. 

Learn more about our Prenatal and Early Childhood Wellcare Program

Such was the success that BMS created Art in the Park, in partnership with Community Care Brooklyn, creating BMS Art in the Playground at Howard Park where we showcase art, and give movement and nutrition education aimed and increasing safety, and opportunities for reducing stress. 


BMS is committed to serving youth with programs and activities that offer support, knowledge, and tools that help them to build a path toward total wellness and success. 


BMS@Jefferson Campus


Since 2002 BMS has provided medical care, counseling, and health education and services, at no cost, to more than 1,200+ students and their parents within the five individual academies (World Academy for Total Community Health, FDNY High School, Performing Arts High School, High School for Civil Rights and YABC).


Requirements to enroll:   

  • Be enrolled in one of the Thomas Jefferson Campus schools   

  • Complete a Parental Consent Form (Please click on the link below for all required documents)   

  • Provide a copy of your child’s immunization records   

  • Return the consent form to room 148 or your child’s school main office   

Once your child is registered to the BMS SBHC they will be able to sign up for the patient portal (link below) to be able to access their medical records, make appointments, and much more! 


In addition to clinical services, wellness activities include: ​

  • Thomas J. Campus Farm 

  • Self-Care Health Education  

  • Sex education and condom distribution for middle school children

  • Violence intervention

  • Baby Think It Over Program (online simulator with realistic computerized responses to help adolescents appreciate the responsibilities involved with parenthood)

  • Nutrition education including hands-on workshops


BMS SBHC was mentioned in the New York School Based Health Foundation for our efforts using telehealth to increase visits among adolescents.

Read the full article here.

WATCH High School

Founded in 2004, World Academy for Total Community Health (W.A.T.C.H) is an NYC public high school that incorporates curriculums dedicated to helping students to embrace practices that develop their Intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and environmental health, leading to academic success and positive youth development.  


Students are exposed to health careers, practices, and principles in preparation for placement as community peer educators. Starting in the 9th grade, young people examine their own health practices, and throughout high school, they apply their knowledge to an expanding circle of their family, local, and global communities. 

Click here to learn more about WATCH.

If you are a community-based organization or a group of community members and you wish to host health peer educators at your event or activity please contact us at 718-688-7900 extension 1481.


“Be Your Best You”  Middle School Program 

Be Your Best You (BYBY) program equips young people (10-13 years old) and caretakers with the tools and information to support positive youth development, using interactive lessons and activities surrounding sexual risk avoidance education. 

Link to page

Adolescent Wellness
Food access


As part of the patients’ health screening, the primary care provider can refer them to nutritionists or health coaches, who can support everyone to create a food health plan or provide information on how to access food benefits and services. BMS designed multiple programs and activities to promote and provide access to quality food and healthier diets to our patients and local communities.


Entitlement Benefits  

After evaluating the health and social needs of each individual and family group, patients that meet the requirements are referred to apply for government benefits tailored to ensure food security. Once referred, BMS assists patients enroll and navigating benefit programs and provides some of those services at our facilities. 


SNAP Enrollers 

Our compassionate team will help individuals and families enrolled in the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formerly called food stamps, a government program that helps people buy the food they need for healthy lives.  


WIC- link to WIC page

BMS is part the providers of this supplemental food and nutrition program for parents and infants, click for more information. 


Local Pantries & Food Access

Our staff offers navigation support in locating food pantries or free community meal resources that meet their needs. BMS partners with local food pantries where we referred BMS-enrolled patients experiencing pressing food security needs. There, families and individuals can receive bags of fresh and healthy products. 


Brownsville Local Food Pantries:  


In addition, BMS partners with Teens for Food Justice and Collective Fare to enhance food distribution systems and carry out community activities in Brownsville and East New York.

Click here to see food pantries in your zip code

Food as Prescription: FARMacy 

BMS health coaches and nutritionists coordinate with primary care providers to design individualized dietary plan that will enhance patients’ total wellness. This includes our FARMacy (food as prescription), a program in partnership with Project EATS, where clinicians create a list of healthy and delicious ingredients and products, that can be acquired at designated pantries.  Since the beginning of the program, BMS has written over 100 food prescriptions to patients in our community. 

Project Eats: health bucks video??? 


BMS Hydroponic Farm

BMS partnered with Teens for Food Justice to develop a farm in the Brownsville Collaborative Middle School with capacity to provide 15,000 pounds of produce per year. The program includes a weekly stand which is operated and managed by trained middle school youth.

BMS Emergency Food Access 

BMS is here to help our community in the most pressing moments. We constantly provide solutions to those more affected by social, economic, and public health crises. 


The COVID-19 pandemic deepened the vulnerability of many families to cover basic needs. Brownsville Food Box is a partnership with Collective Fare, Teens for Food Justice, and Brooklyn Packers that provides affordable fresh produce bags at $7 and $10, enough to feed 1-2 people for a week.  


During the initial and toughest times of quarantine, BMS distributed over 50,000 bags of food to the community as part of the Community District 16 Stakeholders Food Access Efforts, in partnership with City Harvest, Universe City, Collective Fare, and the many unpaid community residents who assist with distributions. 

Read the BMS COVID-19 Emergency Impact Report

Brownsville Community Food Box Program


The BMS Workforce Development Center

In partnership with other local service providers, The Workforce Center offers education and training to residents in such areas of financial literacy, Occupation Health and Safety Administration (OHSA), and office administration software. 


As the second largest employer in Brownsville, BMS supports community members' economic and physical health and well-being of community members. We provide opportunities for professional development and career advancement within the organization and strive to hire from within the community. Our Outreach Team refers patients to employment opportunities in local businesses and peer organizations all in service of cultivating the next generation of future health care industry workers.  

BMS Clothing Boutique 

BMS cares for our community wellbeing and partners with multiple community organizations to provide anyone with clothing pieces and accessories for all, from babies to adults of all genders. 


Based on individual and seasonal needs, BMS creates a customized package of clothing for all ages including winter coats and children’s accessories such as bedding, strollers, and pampers.  


Dress for success with BMS clothing boutique! 

We order customized items for teens and hard-working youth in Brownsville and East New York.  We order and deliver prom dresses and suits, as well as business attire for young professionals that need a bit of help to shine from the inside out. 


Anyone can benefit from our clothing boutique. To access this service, contact the BMS client relations department. We will set an appointment for you to choose and pick up the required pieces. 




Phone: 718-345-5000 ext. 1158


Workforce Dev
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