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Heart Care (Cardiology)

BMS heart care (cardiology) services support early detection and proper treatment of heart disease, critical to survival and healthy life. If you experience Chest Pains, Irregular Heartbeats, Shortness of Breath, or have risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, or a family history of hypertension, speak to your physician about a referral. 


Our outstanding clinicians are renowned culturally sensitive specialists. 


Clinicians’ hospital affiliations: New York Methodist Hospital, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Kings County Hospital Center.


Eye Care (Optometry)

BMS offers comprehensive eye care for adults and children with thorough eye evaluations including the diagnosis of diseases, blurry vision, cataracts, the ocular complications of diabetes, lazy eyes and eye-turn in children. 

Our services include: 

  • Eye examinations to determine visual acuity, perception, focus and coordination 

  • Diagnosis of diseases and other abnormalities such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma 

  • Prescriptions for medications to treat eye diseases 

  • Referrals to an ophthalmologist or other health care practitioner, if additional medical treatment is necessary 

  • Prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses


Kidney Care (Nephrology)

BMS’ specialist in kidney care (Nephrology) is devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. People are at a higher risk for kidney problems if they have high blood pressure or diabetes, and those with a blood relative with chronic kidney disease. 


Our outstanding clinicians are renowned culturally sensitive specialists.  


Clinicians’ hospital affiliation: Richmond University Medical Center.


Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are illnesses caused by germs (such as bacteria and viruses) that enter the body and can cause an infection and are spread from one person to another.  BMS provides comprehensive services for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases such as hepatitis, pneumonia, meningitis, AIDS, and adult HIV.  


Our clinical services include testing, treatment, care coordination, counseling and mental support, patient assistance, education and prevention, and nutrition to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families infected and affected by infectious diseases.  



Since 1980, BMS has offered HIV testing and screening for HIV throughout all our clinical sites. We offer treatment, aftercare and follow-up services to ensure patients can achieve quality of life. 


Hepatitis C 

BMS is part of Check Hep C Program, an initiative that supports the most high-risk individuals at no cost. We coordinate with the patient’s care team and provide alcohol and drug counseling, medication access support, and referrals to other supportive services. The program has been effective in identifying people who test positive for Hepatitis C and connecting them with proper healthcare services. 


At our seven facilities, patients can be tested for COVID-19, and access treatment, referrals, and vaccines. BMS also brings these services to the community with COVID-19 pop-ups located in schools, churches and temples, fairs, and other community events. Read more.


Foot Care (Podiatry)

BMS specialists in foot care (Podiatry) evaluate your condition, review your medical history and determine your goals for recovery, diagnose, and discuss treatment options with you, looking at your total picture of health. We focus on treatment and special care of your feet when you need it most.  

Our services are:  

  • Patient-Centered Medical Home      

  • Joint Commission Accredited       

  • NCQA diabetes recognized 

  • Services provided include: 

  • Diabetic foot care 

  • Ingrown toenails 

  • Heel pain 

  • Hammertoes 

  • Sprained ankles 

Clinicians’ hospital affiliations: Kings County Hospital Center, Brookdale University Hospital, Kings Brook Jewish Medical Center, and New York Methodist Hospital. 

Physical Therapy

Our specialized team treats dysfunction and discomfort caused by various medical conditions and/or traumatic injury. 


Our focus at BMS Physical Therapy is to help patients to: 

  • Regain their range of motion or mobility 

  • Learn how to manage or reduce their pain 

  • Improve or rebuild their strength 

  • Recover from devastating and/or sports injuries 

  • Improve balance and prevent falls 

  • Manage chronic health conditions like diabetes 

  • Rehabilitate from devastating illnesses, including strokes 

  • Avoid surgery and prescription drugs 

  • Improve their quality of life and daily activities 

  • Create healthy habits 

  • Educate patients about staying fit 

  • Prevent future injuries.


Physical therapy services provided include assistance with: 

  • Arthritis /joint pain and stiffness 

  • Orthopedic problems 

  • Neurological problems and stroke recovery 

  • Balance and age-related ambulation/mobility issues 

  • Sports injuries

Infectious diseases

Stomach and Digestive Care (Gastroenterology)

BMS specialists in digestive care (Gastroenterology) focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the following conditions: Hemorrhoids, Polyps, Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diverticulosis, Gastritis, Esophageal Reflux, and Cohn’s Disease, among others.  


If you experience consistent stomach problems, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or acid reflux ask your Primary Care Provider about a referral.  


BMS provides professional screening for colorectal cancer that cares for patients’ comfort and safety.

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