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"I like using the Telehealth video appointments because it made my life easier. I used to have to take all my kids to a doctor's appointment for just one child."

-BMS Patient

ALL APPOINTMENTS AFTER 4:00PM ARE TELEHEALTH ONLY. Phone and video visits are available from your home throughout the day. If you need to make a new appointment, call 718-345-5000 or request an appointment online. 



BMS provides routine Telehealth medical and mental health care to established patients while they are still at home or from another convenient location. This avoids having to travel to our offices or having to miss work with Telehealth appointments available throughout the day at all locations.


BMS uses video technology Qure4u, a digital platform that connects with Athena Health BMS's electronic medical system so our Care Team can easily access your health records. Our Telehealth platform Qure4U has all the tools you need to interact and optimize care before, during, and after your office visits. This includes communicating with your Care Team, filling out and submit pre-appointment paperwork, and paying your bill quickly, easily and securely.

Telehealth Services Offered

  • Assess your symptoms

  • Review recent lab results and clinical reports

  • Make a diagnosis

  • Recommend treatment

  • Prescribe medication/refills

  • Make referrals to Specialists

  • Provide patient education

  • Chronic care management

  • Mental health visits

  • Case management


Medical visits that require an in-person exam

  • Gynecologic visit

  • Pre-Natal visits that require an in-person exam

  • Optometry services

  • Pediatric Services for children under the age of 5

  • Dental services

  • Podiatry services

  • Vaccinations

  • Blood draw


Click here to read answers to the most frequent questions:  

WHAT DO PATIENTS NEED TO BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN A TELEHEALTH (VIDEO) VISIT? To participate in a Telehealth (video) visit, patients will need either a Smart phone, a Laptop, a Desk-top Computer or an I-Pad along with Wi-Fi service. ​CAN I SCHEDULE A VIDEO VISIT FOR A CHILD? Yes however, It is important to note that pediatric services will only be provided to children whose parent or legal guardian’s name(s) are currently documented in the child’s medical record. Pediatric Telehealth (video) services will be limited to children above the age of ages 5 with decision reserved by the clinical team. WILL MY INSURANCE COVER A TELEHEALTH VISIT? Yes, Most insurance plans cover Telehealth (video) visits. However, you can call our office at 718-345-5000 or your insurance plan to confirm if they pay for Telehealth services. TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES FOR TELEHEALTH Safelink Wireless Free Monthly Wireless Services if you receive SNAP or medicaid. Application Link. Spectrum Internet Assistance - Application Link To qualify for this program, one or more members of your household must currently receive assistance under one of the following programs: National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP Supplemental Security Income (For Applicants 65+ Years of Age)




How Telehealth Works


Telehealth Services Offered


Telehealth for Your Child


Follow the steps below to prepare for and complete a telehealth appointment in the Qure4u MyCarePlan app. ​ After scheduling the appointment, a patient will receive a Welcome Email with login details for the MyCarePlan app. The email will be sent to the email on file in the patient’s chart in Athena. 1. Patient receives Welcome Email with username, password, and links to download the MyCarePlan app 2. Patient downloads MyCarePlan App on their personal device, either smartphone or tablet, by clicking the appropriate link in their email. a. Apple products are recommended b. Android products are supported 3. Click Login to enter credentials 4. Patient enters their Username and Password from welcome email and clicks Login 5. You will be asked to change your password and set a security question a. Password – make sure this is something you can remember or save it on a note on your device for future reference b. Security Question – this is a question of your choice. Be sure it is a question you will remember the answer to. 6. Click Submit 7. You will then be successfully logged into the MyCarePlan app! IF YOUR USERNAME OR PASSWORD DO NOT WORK, OR YOU CANNOT REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD, CALL QURE4U SUPPORT at (888) 400-2730.

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