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BMS Prenatal and Early Childhood Wellcare

The goal of the BMS Prenatal and Early Childhood Wellcare Program is to identify and address needs and service access barriers in children as early as possible, helping to improve a child's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, ultimately increasing their chances of success in life.

I like that BMS has everything in one building: the pediatricians, the WIC program, the’s resourceful.”

-Dimond, she/her, 21 years old, pregnant mother, BMS patient

BMS’ Prenatal and Early Childhood Wellcare program offers health education, clinical services, services coordination, and encourages family involvement to ensure that you and your children receive the appropriate services and support you need. 




Move, Eat, Live, Learn (Wellness Programs)

Public Benefits Assistance (Phone-based):

  • Support applications to Housing Connect (housing lottery program)

  • Human Resource Administration applications (cash, food stamps, one-shot deal/Emergency Assistance, Medicaid, WIC)

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Covid19 tests.

  • Translation support 

  • Appointment scheduling

  • BMS patient portal activation

Health Education

  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) online educational workshops covering caregiving, anger management, stress, and others.

  • Vaccines and child immunization education

  • COVID-19 education for pre-natal and children

  • Chronic disease management

  • Referral to health coaches


Screening and Literacy

  • Clinical screening to assess children’s developmental needs through readings

  • Child-caregiver bonding through reading and literacy 



Francine Cutler is our bilingual coordinator, who understands the community and what you need. She is the main point of contact to access our BMS Prenatal and Early Childhood Wellcare services and refer you to the best programas and specialists at BMS and other providers within  our network.


For her literacy promotion in East Brooklyn, Francine was awarded the Sesame Street in Community Leadership Award 2018

Brandon screenshot_edited.jpg

"Everything I know about parenting, I owe it to BMS”.

-Brandon, he/him, 28 years old, father of three children, and BMS patient since birth.

Stay up to date on services and events through the BMS Facebook page


To request an appointment or information click below, or call:  BMS Family Health and Wellness Centers at 718-345-5000



“The most important thing is that anyone that comes to BMS, regardless of their immigration status or ability to pay, patient or not, child or adult, is serviced with dignity and respect. I can do so by ensuring that everyone receives the services they need”.


-Francine Cutler, She/her, BMS Prenatal and Early Childhood Wellcare Program Coordinator

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