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The New BMS@Dumont Urgent Care Center Will Open Soon! 

BMS Family Health and Wellness Centers will open soon the new BMS Dumont Urgent Care Center (located at 407 Dumont Ave; Brooklyn, NY 11212) to provide care on an unscheduled walk-in basis to individuals with acute, non-emergency conditions. The Center will offer six exam rooms, as well as lab services (phlebotomy,) imaging, and mammography services. 


This will be the first urgent care center operated by a stand-alone Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in North and Central Brooklyn, serving low-income communities with elevated rates of health disparities in Brownsville and East New York.  

Patients who do not have a medical home or usual source of care will be provided with information and assistance in selecting a primary care provider that meets their needs (location, specialty services, hours, language access). 


In addition to urgent care, the center will provide: 

  • Care coordination 

  • Medical lab and testing (phlebotomy) 

  • Pharmacy 

  • Diagnostic imaging 

  • Mammography 


The community will also benefit from the opportunity to be connected to a regular source of care, and health centers (BMS and others) will benefit by enrolling and serving previously unserved patients. 


BMS COVID-19 Pandemic Food Access

Check out an overview of all the ways BMS has helped deliver food access to those struggling during the pandemic.

Brownsville Community Food Boxes

See how BMS partnered with local resources to deliver fresh food and pantry items to community members during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sesame Street @BMS

How BMS partnered with Sesame Street Communities to introduce reading to many of our young children. 

BMS Children's Fest 2018

Bringing art, music, dance and movement to the community.

Hydroponic Farm 

Working with Brownsville Collaborative Middle School of Arts and Technology and the Partnership with Teens For Food Justice

to grow food locally. Watch News 12's coverage of the farm here

COVID-19 Vaccination Promotion

What are you looking forward to doing when we're all vaccinated?


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News: BMS Response to COVID19 

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BMS Patient Resources

Clinical Resources

Copy of vision screening.jpg

Housing, Food Access, Jobs & Economic Development 


Brownsville Food Pantries:  

Local Resources

  • Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center 
    Weekly health and community services and activities 

  • Community Board 16
    Open forums where residents can find events, and work with the board to express their concerns involving policies and projects in the community. 

  • Find help
    Search and connect to support. Financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost 

  • United Brownsville
    Know more about projects and ideas that are transforming the early childhood system in Brownsville, Brooklyn. 

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