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ALL APPOINTMENTS AFTER 4:00PM ARE TELEHEALTH ONLY. Phone and video visits are available from your home throughout the day. If you need to make a new appointment, call 718-345-5000 or request an appointment online. 

Our integrated approach connects health services with wellness, education, exercise, community, and workforce programs to achieve greater good.

Primary Care

Adult & Family Medicine

Women's Health

Child Health

Adolescent Health

Older Adult Health

Counseling & Behavioral Health

Addiction Services

Onsite Pharmacy


Urgent Care

Specialty Care

Heart Care

Kidney Care

Digestive Care

Infectious Diseases

Foot Care

Eye Care

Physical Therapy


We enhance our health
services with wellness

and success support:


Wellness Programs  

Health Education

Disease Management Education 

Nutrition Plans 

Food Access 

Exercise Programs  

Community Uplift Activities  

Workforce Development 

Care Coordination

Prenatal & Early Child


Health Coaching 

BMS Health Homes
Prescription Management

Referral Coordination

Patient Assistance

Client Relations

Insurance Assistance

Telehealth Assistance

Language Assistance

Social Services Assistance

Sliding Scale Payments

Affordable Housing
Application Assistance

Affordable Prescription Drugs

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East Brooklyn Healthcare Leader

BMS is a local healthcare leader, highly respected and accoladed.

We're Here For You

We accept a wide range of insurances or Self-Pay with Sliding Scale Fees. And we host over 100 events annually and provide Health Education and Screenings.

Join The Team

The BMS team works together closely and supports all staff. Start here and go far. Or you may stay, like many who have long histories with us.

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